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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Converging Real-time Communication and Publication

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November 28, 2009

UC Strategies Uses Sonexis For Converging UC Conferencing and Publication

By Art Rosenberg

One of the big UC applications that both reduces business costs and speeds up collaborative work is real-time conferencing. The latter benefit is particularly useful when independent experts in different locations outside of an organization have to discuss issues in a timely manner. With the way UC is organized, not only does simplified voice conferencing facilitate coordination of creative thinking between the independent UC experts, but it also closes the loop between internal discussions and the selective publication of such thinking in the form of immediate podcasts.

The challenge that UC Strategies experts face is not uncommon in most businesses today. Not everyone who needs to be involved in discussing issues or sharing information is necessarily in the same physical location at the same time any more. What makes the challenge for UC Strategies as an objective industry thought-leader even more interesting is that the topics discussed are very dynamic and debatable and are very interesting to its audience.

Accordingly, what UC Strategies does with voice/web conferencing, is to practice what it preaches by starting a conferencing connection between its distributed team. In many cases, the participants are talking from mobile phones. The conference call then is then wrapped up by recording a final summary of individual comments by the participants for publication as a podcast on the UC Strategies web site.
So, not only do the independent UC Strategies experts meet regularly as a team, they can also quickly publish their output as perspectives on the latest developments in the evolving UC technologies industry.

Using Sonexis Conference Manager

As a frequent user of conferencing, UC Strategies has exploited the technology offering of Sonexis, a long-time leading provider of in-house and managed audio and optional web conferencing. Their Conference Manager is a flexible, simple to install and use system that reduces the high costs of an external service or purchasing high-end equipment. As a key UC application that can reduce travel costs as well as speed up collaborative interactions, “instant” conferencing activity has increased its operational role in business communications. This is particularly important as business users, both inside and outside of an organization become more accessible through mobile devices.

Sonexis Conference Manager is “investment protected” because they integrate with any and all communication vendors (Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Nortel, Microsoft, IBM, NEC, Aastra, ShoreTel, 3Com, etc…), scales to 400 Web seats and audio ports, and can connect to any environment (PSTN or VOIP). They also have a built-in “insurance policy” that provides free access to a hosted system if needed in the event of downtime or for disaster recovery.

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