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Monday, March 24, 2014

Visual "Mobile Apps" Replacing Legacy IVR Applications

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UC is starting to move quickly from internal business communications to end users outside of an organization, i.e., business partners and consumers (customers). UC has also always been more important for mobile users who need the flexibility of UC to support their dynamically changing  environment with the choice of using voice vs. text messaging vs. video.

This shift towards UC-enabled mobile customer services is also being reinforced by the increased use of self-service online "mobile apps" that provide flexible  "click-for-asistance" options when a customer needs it. A good example of this is Amazon's use of a "Mayday Button" option on their Kindle HDX device that connects them with video agent to help them use their device.

To sit in a very interesting discussion of the value of "visual" self-service, rather than a legacy voice IVR application, please check out this webinar hosted by Jacada.