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Monday, June 04, 2012

UC-Enabling End-user Notifications

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 While there has been much attention paid to simplifying business communications between people, the emphasis has primarily been on integrating the various forms of contact initiation. That would include all forms of messaging, real-time voice/video calls and conferencing, as well as various social networking postings. That covers a lot of new communication activities, especially when you add in automated alerts from business processes and applications.

What is now becoming more important, particularly for UC-enabled mobile end users with smartphones and tablets, is to manage their accessibility and time priorities as contact "recipients" by screening all forms of communication contacts as part of a "unified," contextual notification service. I am sure some aspects of this capability are already being implemented by various service providers, but probably buried under the Mobile UC umbrella. 

To read more of my thoughts about bringing "unified notifications management" to end user contact recipients, see my recent post at: