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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Getting Mobility In Step With UC

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November 3, 2010

Free Mobile Backup Service For End Users Also Supports “User Choice” in Communications

By Art Rosenberg, The Unified-View

While enterprises and service providers have been moving quickly to support their end users and customers with the latest and greatest UC technologies, supporting multimodal mobile devices (smart-phones) will be one of their biggest challenges. Why? Because they will be constantly evolving as devices and with their mobile OSs, must be mobile application-independent, and be highly personalized in a variety of ways.

Since mobile products and technologies are still evolving and everyone is still learning to deal with "multimodal mobility" vs. traditional desktop communications and traditional cell phones, there will be ongoing competition for different devices and associated services.

Wirefly Mobile Backup Will Help End Users Keep Up With Smartphone Evolution

Because one of the big problems with mobile devices is that they can be easily lost or stolen, end users will always need a way to easily replace what they already have. Coupled with the possibility that they may simply want to move to a new device or service, the first free, automatic, cloud-based mobile data backup service available to consumers from developer Spare Backup and Wirefly fills both bills.

Works Across Carriers, Manufacturers, and Operating Systems

Wirefly Mobile Backup supports all of the most popular smartphones in the United States, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, and works across all major U.S. carriers, making it incredibly easy to transfer data to a new device when switching wireless providers. In addition, the Palm, Java, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian operating systems will be supported by the end of the quarter.

Wirefly Mobile Backup can also be used to protect the data from personal computers (PC). Up to five devices including one PC can be backed up on a single free account making it easy to protect, move and share photos, music and other important information between devices.

“People come to when they are thinking about changing phones or changing carriers,” said Scott Ableman, Chief Marketing Officer for Wirefly. “By offering this great service for free, Wirefly has eliminated one of the major concerns people face when making this decision.”

Cell phone users can sign up for their free Wirefly Mobile Backup account at or via the Android Market and iTunes App Store.

This new capability will further support "user choice" flexibility in their mobile end point devices for both business and personal use. Enterprise IT will still have to focus on controlling information access security and managing customized mobile software application clients.